About The R.W. Walker Company

The R.W. Walker Company was founded in 1936 by Robert W. Walker to provide advertising sales representation to publishers of business-to-business, association, and consumer publications.

This service remains as our core today, with almost three quarters of a century of experience behind us in print, online, webinar, event / conference and sponsorship sales.

Throughout our history, we have worked in more than 70 diverse markets, including everything from steel manufacturing to shipping and accounting to retail. We are also adept at quickly grasping a new market and interpreting a publication’s unique selling proposition.

The success and reputation of our company is reflected in the fact that we are still representing our very first publishing client to this day, and our average customer relationship exceeds 20 years.

The R.W. Walker Company is a trusted and highly experienced sales representation company. We’re ready to help you meet your goals.